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Blackbourn Custom Thermoforming

Clamshell, Blisterpack and Custom Thermoformed Packaging

Blackbourn packaging is able to present, display, or provide function for the products that our customers produce regardless of it's size or dimensions.

We've produced custom thermoformed packaging products from grow tubes for California vineyards to flexible packaging products that are USPS-approved. From kits for window blind samples to custom thermoformed parts that replace expensive metal or wood for OEM packaging products and machines.

In short...Blackbourn makes it easier to store, secure, transport, use and sell your products whether it's something that can employ a standard or stock design or needs completely custom thermoforming packaging.
clamshell, blisterpack and custom thermoformed packaging products

Custom Thermoformed Packaging Results in Product Sales!

How can we make that statement? It's easy...

Our custom thermoformed packaging prominently displays the product wherever it may be seen. Our packaging design capabilities results in a customized packaging solution that maximizes product exposure resulting in sales growth for our customers.

When you think packaging, Blackbourn has you covered.

Why trust us for your custom thermoformed packaging?
I'll tell you...

Over 50 years ago, the Blackbourn family began manufacturing thermformed parts and customized packaging solutions. During this time came the development of VHS magnetic tapes.

Movies were now brought from the big screen direct to the consumers’ homes, and this led to widespread VHS consumer adoption in the late 1970s along with the birth of the Video store where you could rent (and eventually buy) those great movies from Walt Disney. If you rented or purchased those Disney movies, you walked out of that store carrying a Blackbourn product.

Blackbourn, Inc. was the #1 supplier of video cassette packaging for Disney movies on VHS.

But Blackbourn wasn't resting on it's accomplishments...

At nearly the same time, cassette tapes were replacing the 8-Tracks and Blackbourn began to produce audio cassette packaging. In 1982 the first Optical Discs were launched into the market with widespread consumer adoption of desk top computers, CD Music players and improved Video Game applications, compact disc packaging became a great extension to Blackbourn's already-growing media packaging line.

One of Blackbourn’s top sellers for this market demand has been our CD Ctray collection. Choosing from 2-24 CD storage.

In late 1990s and early 2000s, Blackbourn began to develop and produce other types of packaging beyond the media market, introducing clamshells, blister cards, and custom thermoforming to its line up of products.

That's why Blackbourn truly lives by their tagline “When it comes to packaging, we’ve got you covered.®”

Through all the years we are still family-owned and operated, with a company-wide commitment to achieving customer satisfaction. Our talented team of professionals includes many individuals who have been with us for 5 or even 15 years!

As a customer, this means you are working with people who are motivated and believe in what they are doing. The associates of Blackbourn are all people who take pride in the products they produce, the service they provide and the answers they give to your questions.

Simply stated; our family business was built on a very simple, sound principal. Do a good job taking care of our customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations. Today, that simple principle is still at the core of everything this U.S. manufacturer does.

We welcome the chance to prove it to you as well.

Blackbourn custom thermoformed packaging plant

  Markets We Serve
Clamshell, Magnetic, RF sealing and custom Thermoform packaging is our specialty.

Need packaging for fishing lures? How about mouthguards? Got a new product going on the retail shelves? Need something custom? No Problem!
Blackbourn has you covered!

For over 25 years, Blackbourn has been providing quality, safe packaging to ministries.

CD Duplicators
When companies produce copies for distribution of CD's and DVD's, they come to us for their packaging.

We do packaging for everything from language courses to specialized degree studies.

Providing packaging that is saveable, indexable and durable.

Everything from binders and menus covers to check presenters!

Blackbourn ensures your cover stands out on the shelf by creating a package that helps bring the story to life!

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Covering everything from ordering to artwork.
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