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  • Customized Component Design and Production
  • Customized Component Design and Production


Using the energy that radio frequency waves generate, plastic substrates are heated and compressed to create a strong seal or weld. Blackbourn has the capability to seal flexible substrates to flexible substrates and flexible substrates to rigid. Blackbourn employs a proprietary flat-seal that eliminates the bowing or curling of flexible substrates.

We offer:

  • In house Engineering staff
  • In house tool design and fabrication enabling rapid prototype and production of sealing/welding dies
  • Diversity and depth of experience

We’re Experienced

One of our core competencies is in drawing on our vast pool of previous project experience. These experiences allow us to determine the best combination of operations for efficient production of your product. We compile and maintain manufacturing and performance data for each project we complete, thus enabling us to draw from best practices when undertaking new projects. We bring knowledge and experience to new product designs and existing products that benefit from our various cost saving and manufacturing solutions.

Markets served are media packaging, traffic safety, office accessories, presentation materials, advertising specialties, medical, pharmaceutical, marine, automotive, and industrial applications. If RF sealing is the way to go for your project . . . . Choosing Blackbourn will ensure your products are correct every single time. That’s the Blackbourn promise to you.

Additional Processes


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Blackbourn offers a full complement of decorating techniques on flat, cylindrical, and uneven surfaces.
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Sonic Welding

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For aesthetically attractive, functional and cost effective sonic welding techniques, please click here to learn more.

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