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Blackbourn is a leading Contract Manufacturer, founded to provide customers with superior packaging, products, and services with unmatched quality, agility and confidence in bringing their products to market. Our Main Manufacturing and Engineering Facility has 240 employees and a plant size of over 250,000 square feet.

For more than 50 years Blackbourn has been in manufacturing, demonstrating an uncompromising commitment in offering superior products and excellent services in all stages of engineering and Contract manufacturing services. Our contract manufacturing team specializes in end-to-end management and lean practices. Whether you are involved in medical, semiconductor, chemical, automotive, agriculture, industrial, consumer, telecom, solar or another manufacturing industry, Blackbourn can help support your design, fabrication and integration objectives.

Your project will be handled by experienced and knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing support teams, who employ the techniques, procedures, tools and equipment necessary for quality results.

  • Top contract manufacturing organization
  • Your one stop for all product prototyping and manufacturing needs.
  • Trusted by leading brands; backed by 50+ years of experience

Our capabilities are vast and dynamic, always evolving. Our unique facilities allow us to deliver on a wide range of fulfillment, warehousing services and our location in the heart of the country gives us the ability to distribute to every coastline in a time efficient and cost-effective manner.

Additional Capabilities


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Blackbourn provides solutions for light gauge, shallow draw thermoforming with service stock arrangements available.
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RF Sealing

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Blackbourn has the capability to seal flexible substrates to flexible substrates, flexible substrates to ridged, and flexible to fabric.
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