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  • Customized Component Design and Production
  • Customized Component Design and Production
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  • Customized Component Design and Production
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Our experienced staff members develop quotes, process orders, resolve technical issues and provide support and operational oversight through the delivery of your parts.

Working with your CAD models we will make your plastic parts to your specifications. With many different plastic materials, colors and surface finishes available, you can customize the project to fit your needs.

Our “Group” plastic injection molds produce a set of parts similar in size that are molded at the same time, in the same quantities, from the same material and color reducing tooling cost, set ups, and per piece price.

Utilize Mold Frame Allocation Technology to save time and lower the plastic injection molding cost.

Additional value-added services:

  • Pad Printing & Silk Screening: Place a 2D image onto a 3D object providing accurate impressions in custom colors to meet your imaging requirements.
  • Packaging: Once we have produced your parts, we can assemble and even package them. Clamshell/blister packs, header cards etc. Your product can be packaged and ready to sell once it reaches you.
  • Assembly: Blackbourn can assemble parts that you need put together rather than you having to find a third party to do it for you
  • Sonic Welding: Uses high frequency, low amplitude vibration energy to generate heat to join two materials/parts together

Additional Processes


Image link to our Decorating capabilities main page.

Blackbourn offers a full complement of decorating techniques on flat, cylindrical, and uneven surfaces.
Click here to learn more about our Decorating techniques.

Sonic Welding

Image link to information on Sonic Welding.

For aesthetically attractive, functional and cost effective sonic welding techniques, please click here to learn more.

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