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In its portfolio of services Blackbourn offers sonic welding. This process uses high frequency, low amplitude vibration energy to generate heat between two materials that are to be joined. The two parts, commonly referred to as the male and female parts, are designed to concentrate the vibration energy for the maximum weld strength. No other connective elements such as adhesives or soldering is necessary for sonic welding. It is an aesthetically attractive, functional and cost effective for a wide variety of assembly requirements. Blackbourn provides engineering, “horn” design, and fabrication.

Additional Processes

RF Sealing

Image link to information on RF Sealing.

Blackbourn has the capability to seal flexible substrates to flexible substrates, flexible substrates to ridged, and flexible to fabric.
Visit our RF Sealing page
for more information.

Injection Molding

Image link to information on our Injectiong Molding capabilities.

Blackbourn has a number of presses sized from 80 to 400 tons! For more information, Click Here...

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