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  • Industries we serve
  • Customized Component Design and Production
  • Blackbourn Solutions
  • Medical Specialty Containers
  • Customized Retail Packaging
  • Customized Component Design and Production
  • Customized Component Design and Production
  • Customized Products for Agriculture
  • Customized Products for Healthcare
  • Customized Component Design and Production
  • Thermofored Products for Retail Use
  • Custom Design and Injection Molding Specialists


Comprehensive In-House Services Offered:

  • Parts/Products/Packaging
  • Prototype and Production Tooling
  • Experienced Designers
  • Software utilized:
    • AutoCad
    • Solidworks

You have tough parts/products/packing and distribution challenges. We have custom-engineered solutions designed specifically for your business. Blackbourn provides breakthrough, customer-specific solutions and processes for even the most difficult objectives. We have over 50 years of experience providing custom experiences to the world’s biggest brands in a broad range of industries, including industrial, automotive, consumer, aviation, and more.

Our engineering services are tailored for each specific customer and challenge. However, every solution is delivered using our innovative 6-step engineering cycle:

  • Concept design
  • Project design
  • Project Prototype
  • Tool production
  • Process applications, if needed
  • Equipment programming as needed

Additional Processes


Image link to Thermoforming main page.

Blackbourn provides solutions for light gauge, shallow draw thermoforming with service stock arrangements available.
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Injection Molding

Image link to information on our Injectiong Molding capabilities.

Blackbourn has a number of presses sized from 80 to 400 tons! For more information, Click Here...

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